Self Isolation Pictures – November

For Self-Isolation pictures during November, the 8th; 9th (?) month of semi-Lockdown, although it could end up a full one…… Yep, now we’re in one…

Valerie Brogan – Still I Shine
Brooke Snell – Clavell Tower
Brooke Snell – Scotland Farm
Brooke Snell – Fisherman’s Huts at Kimmeridge
Brooke Snell – Beady Eyes
Brooke Snell – Sunset at Durdle Door
Valerie Brogan – Sarah at 5
Pam Ives – Farm Geese on Exmoor
Valerie Brogan – Avery at 14
Jean Notley – Sunrise in a Garden
Jennifer Porter – Swanage United Reformed Church
Valerie Brogan – Baby
Valerie Brogan – Safe
David Cole – Lulwoth Cove
Peter Morrison-Wells – Corfe Castle
Pam Ives – A Damp Day on Exmoor