Keleigh-Marie Snelgrove

I began drawing and doodling as a pastime aged 7. Took GCSE Art plus Design and Communication (Graphics) at 6th form then didn’t really use it until my mid twenties when I began freelancing for a while as a graphic designer.

I’ve since drawn and painted for friends and used it professionally on rare occasions.

I paint and draw now largely because this area inspires me to do it and because it brings a sense of peace.

Keleigh Marie-Snelgrove – Harvest
Gadus Plasticus – Is that with chips love?
August at Weymouth Bay
Lulworth Cove
And now for something completely different…Poppies – Watercolour
I never bothered with this media before because I was so comfortable with acrylics but I thought I’d try today.  The process is the polar opposite for what I’m used to but for a first real attempt, it’ll do.
Shell Bay
Aqua Est Vitae
Smells Like Spring to Me
View from the Grange Hotel Swanage

My Safe Place
Dawn Colours over Holy Trinity Church
Pause for Thought – Autumn at Blue Pool
Pause for Thought – Wareham Quay
Catch of the Day
Alpine Orogeny – Ballard Down
Autumn Nibbles
Morning at Priory Meadows
Relic of the Alpine Orogeny – Warbarrow Tout
Pondfield Cove
Houns Tout in the Mist
Last of the August Skies
Firesky over Corfe Castle
Almost My Back Yard
Swanage Pier Meets the Sun