Davina Thomas

 I was fortunate to get a good grounding in drawing when I was at school but I didn’t really start painting until in my 40s.  I attended Hereford Art college for a three year part time course and then again had a long break with occasional day workshops. 

When we moved here to Dorset I began to seriously take up art again.  I used acrylics at Hereford but wanted to learn more about watercolours. Lockdown enabled me to paint at home.  But I have returned to acrylics again as I need it to achieve what I want to portray.  I am fascinated by old walls, trees and light I am very grateful to the Wareham art club for the help I have received and support.  ‘ 

Davina Thomas 2
Davina Thomas 1
Frozen Floodwaters, River Frome
Low Tide at Selsey
Cedar Tree at Creech
Holmes Garden
Woods and Bluebells
Owls – Study
The Flood
Wareham Quay