Covid Challenge 9 Pictures

Well here we are in 2021, wishing everybody a Happy New Year and hoping that we get to some sort of ‘better’ new normality with the Vaccine roll-out. The Challenge for January 2021 is ‘Pets’ and very challenging it is too; well for me anyway as pets don’t have straight lines……

Linda Coulson – Charlie
Peter Morrison-Wells – Piper
Brooke Snell – Shushu
Peter Morrison-Wells – Stanley
Jane Windsor – Me and My Pet Dog “Bobby”
Mike Horton – My Pet Cat–Not!
Brooke Snell – Truffle
Tony Hill – Russ in Lockdown
Anne Bashford – Judy
Jenny Frankland – Bradley
Pam Ives – Pip and Ted
Davina Thomas – Cooper
Eddie Burrows – My Old Dog
Jon Wright – Smudge and Splodge
Pam Ives – Linus
Pam Ives – Damsel and Chloe – A Busy Day!
Jean Notley – Ollie’s Favourite Pastime
David Cole – Tilly
Jennifer Porter – Woody & Louise
Gill Heritage – Bella
Pam Ives – Damsel with Matthew
Valerie Brogan – “Who’s In Charge Here?”
Valerie Brogan – The Cat Lady
Mike Horton – Roxy – R.I.P.