Covid Challenge 15 Pictures

This Month’s Challenge is for Pictures of St Martin’s on the Wall Church in Wareham. This has been inspired by Hilary Goodinge and the 1000th Anniversary of the Church in November. As a final challenge this is ‘Bringing it Home to Wareham’.

Pam Hayes – St Martin’s on the Walls
Jon Wright – Gateway to Wareham
Karen Wright – St Martin’s Interior
Jenny Frankland – St Martin’s on the Walls
Sonia Smith – Re-creation of St Martin’s Frieze
Peter Morrison-Wells – St Martin’s
Jenny Frankland – St Martin’s
Jennifer Porter – St Martin’s On The Walls
Sonia Smith – St Martin’s Mosaic Seven Elements
I could not decide which element of St Martins to paint so I put together everything I love.
A altar
B view from North Street
C Lawrence of Arabia effigy
D Ladies walk (approach from the East) with my husband and Freddie
E East door to altar (sometimes open when service in progress showing the medieval frieze in background)
F Commemorative Cross
G St Martin’s cloak in background
Brooke Snell – St Martin’s
Sonia Smith – St Martin’s
Keleigh-Marie Snelgrove – A Sunny Day at St Martin’s
Sonia Smith – St Martin’s Frieze – Original from photo
Sonia Smith – St Martin missing part of 12th century frieze
David Cole – St Martin on the Walls