Covid Challenge 11 Pictures

This month’s challenge is for Pen and Ink Drawings entitled ‘My Home Town’

Jane Windsor – Spring Street – Wool
Tony Hill – My Home Town
Valerie Brogan – After the Walk – Made out of air dry clay
Linda Coulson – Spring Street – Wool
Jenny Frankland – Stoborough
Davina Thomas – The Quay, Wareham
Pam Ives – The Chimneys of West Street
David Cole – Church Street, Wareham
Jon Wright – My New Home Town – Since 2006 – Poole
Jon Wright – My Home Town – Loughton, Essex, where I lived for 55 years. This lovely building was demolished in the late 1970’s to make way for a car park
Jennifer Porter – Almshouses in Worgret Road
Keleigh-Marie Snelgrove – North Street to South Street, Wareham