Covid Challenge 10 Pictures

This Challenge is for a themed collection, or montage, of smaller paintings on a common theme. Enjoy…….

Karen Wright – Birdwatching on Stoborough Heath
Keleigh-Marie Snelgrove – Shells
Tony Hill – Lost in Lockdown
Jenny Frankland – Pet Cats?
Anne Bashford – Sewer’s Delight
Jill Embleton – Garden Inspiration 2
Jill Embleton – Garden Inspiration 1
Jean Notley – Flowers for Four Seasons
Pam Ives – Happy Holiday Memories
Valerie Brogan – Springsteen
Jennifer Porter – 1960’s Miniature Garden Set that I had as a child. I was given an starter set and then saved up my pocket money to buy additional pieces.
Pam Ives – Scilly Isles Beach-Combing – The porcelain china comes from a  wreck bringing back tea from the orient and was used as ballast.
In 2005 there was an unusual mass of these tiny jelly fish, very strong winds brought thousands ashore. The beach turned blue!

David Cole – Seaside Souvenirs
Mike Horton – Local Wildlife? – Nearly
Tina Barker – Life Without Music is a Mistake
Davina Thomas – Lockdown 1 2 3
1st lockdown it was rainbows everywhere and the fact I don’t drive much
2nd was shorter but we had to wear masks and that was the new issue but I needed to put in hope.
3rd for me has been time slowing again and the vaccines.
Pam Ives – Family Bears – The smaller one is in the room I paint in.
I was given him on my 1st birthday, my Mum gave him new hands & feet.
Jon Wright – Workshop Tools
Jon Wright – Baby Toys