Hi All

Weekly Workshops will re-commence on Monday and Tuesday, 7th & 8th September.

At a WAC Committee meeting yesterday we finalised our plans to reopen workshops this term in line with Covid-19 regulations.

If you plan to attend here are a few things you need to bear in mind:

1.  Wear warm clothing as windows and doors will be open

2.  If you would like a hot drink, bring your own with you’

3.  Masks will be worn in situations where 2m social distancing cannot be maintained; i.e .You will not need to wear a mask when you are sitting down and working on your own.

4.  Try to avoid bringing messy materials to the workshop. We would like you to clean brushes etc. at home where possible.

Many members have decided that they are not comfortable about returning to workshops at the moment. This is perfectly understandable but If you would like to book a place at any time in the future, just give me a ring.


Our first demonstration is on Monday 14th September. If you would like to book a place give me a ring, they are for Members only.

You will be receiving details about regulations nearer the time.


David Cole