Tim Wilson

I had a couple of paintings exhibited at County Hall in London when at secondary school but art had to take a back seat and work was of prime importance at 16. Several decades later my wife asked me to paint a seascape for her when she was ill so that she could recall happier times. We moved to Dorset in 2012 and I joined the club, where I found a cheerful group and constructive criticism and help. I prefer to use acrylics mostly as it is so forgiving.

Chess in Rome

Simon’s Water Garden


Woodcarver’s Guard Dog


Monet’s Garden at Giverny

The Quay Inn Wareham


Old Harry Rocks

Oshine Orangutan at Monkey World

Mike Re-incarnated as his Favourite Animal

Lunch at Ducky’s, Beer

End of the Day End of Season Beer Devon

Durdle Door Jurassic Coast




Sandra and Family