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2022-2023 Programme

Hi All

Please note the below in case you are interested:-

Dorset Art and Crafts Summer Exhibition (at the Purbeck School) is now ready to accept entries.

Find out details on:- Closing date for entries is 30th June. Two or three of our members usually take part in this exhibition.



Spring Exhibition 19th March 2022

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Hi all

As mentioned at the AGM, we’re attaching one of an occasional challenge for you.   I don’t know about you, but I find that a dull, cold, wet (and windy!!) January and February doesn’t inspire me with ideas, or make me want to get out and about to find them.   So I need something to fire my imagination to start painting and drawing again after the distractions of Christmas and New Year!  Hence the attached.

Jon keeps saying he wants more pictures for the website, so let’s give him some more….!  By the way, challenges might have been my lightbulb moment to help keep the Club together, but it wouldn’t have gone anywhere without help and ideas from others like Jenny, Davina, Jon and David, the participation and paintings from all of you, and Jon’s ability and willingness to do the hard work of displaying all of our artwork!!   And thanks to Jenny for the Art Profile newsletter – lots to read there!

Thanks to the 30 people who’ve renewed their membership so far – I’ll get your new cards to you ASAP.   Just a gentle reminder to the rest that subs for 2022-23 are now due…

Happy painting and drawing!


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Report of ‘St Martin’s on the Walls’ Paintings at Parish Hall – 27th November 2021

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Report of Late Autumn Art & Craft Exhibition 13th November 2021

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Report of Exhibition at St Martin’s 25-26th October 2021

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Report of Autumn Exhibition 23 October 2021

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Report of Autumn Exhibition and Craft Fair – 9 November 2019

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Report of the Club’s 2019 Summer Outing to Chichester 

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Report of Summer Exhibition July 2019
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Spring Art and Craft Exhibition 16 March 2019




Exhibitions 2022

SPRING ART & CRAFT EXHIBITION  – Saturday 19th March

SUMMER ART EXHIBITION   – Saturday & Sunday, 23rd & 24th July

AUTUMN ART & CRAFT EXHIBITION  –  Saturday 12th November





The club’s workshops take place in the Parish Hall on Wareham Quay on Monday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.30pm and Tuesday mornings from 10am until 12 noon.

There is a demonstration by a visiting artist on the 2nd Monday of most months and no workshop takes place on that Monday or the following Tuesday morning, please see above Club Programme for details.